The Adventure Begins

This post was written at the beginning of our blog journey, back in 2012. Things have changed a bit since then, but one single theme remains, bicycles. To read our current ‘About Us’ page, click here.

The plan…ride a tandem from Hobart to Melbourne, Mildura, Adelaide, Melbourne and back to Hobart.
The preparation…hmmm…lots of Internet searching…and some cycling.
The people…us! ‘Happily Marrieds’ willing to test out new depths of relationship as we spend a few, potentially intense, weeks together on the bike and in the sun!

When we arrived in Tasmania we had no idea just how much fun was awaiting us. Cycling here is fantastic; the scenery is beautiful, the cycling community is great, and the variety of cycling routes that encompass hills, beautiful scenery…and hills…is never ending.

All this fabulous cycling lead us to another life changing aspect of cycling, the tandem bicycle.

Mr ‘tandemtraveller’ hereafter referred to as the ‘Captain’, ‘Husband’, ‘Mere Male’, or simply Mr TT (depending on the day) had always wanted a tandem bicycle.

After some marvellous months of cycling in Tasmania, Mrs ‘tandemtraveller’ (hereafter referred to as the ‘Stoker’, ‘Boss’, Mrs TT, or ‘One Who Knows All’ as she is the one who will be doing all the typing) agreed to trial a tandem bicycle. Mr TT rapidly organised to view one he had already decided on after months of research, and so began the wonders of tandem riding.

The tandem came from ‘Beach Road Cycles’, a shop on Beach Road (oddly enough) in Melbourne, that specialises in tandem bicycles. The Pegasus Duet II was the bike for us. Designed by Beach Road Cycles with some specific features such as a longer top tube for the rear rider (stoker)and disc brakes, the Duet II was the best bike for the price we could find.

Eighteen months later, after lots of learning and plenty of practise, we are preparing to set off on our first proper ‘tandem tour’. We hope to keep you updated as we proceed on this journey and share with you all the little and big things that make up the ‘Tandem Travel’ adventures!

7 responses to “The Adventure Begins

  1. Good luck with the tour, any queries we can try and help from our limited but growing knowledge! (you started following us the other week). Geoff and Sarah


    • Thanks guys! We are really excited about this new part of our lives, and have learnt heaps from looking at blogs like yours! Reading about your adventures increases the excitement. Keep safe!


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