Augathella to Charleville – Days 15, 16…maybe 17

When the sun came up the next morning, neither of us were quick to get moving. Our bodies were stiff and the air was cold. We made a cup of tea without saying much, and watched the birds. As we drank a second cup of tea, around 8am, we discussed whether to stay in Augathella for another day. It was only 85kms to Charleville, but we just weren’t sure if we wanted to do that today after yesterday’s long slog.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Augathella to Charleville

The decision was made when we realised it was Sunday and the supermarket wouldn’t open until tomorrow. Augy’s Famous Crumbed Steak had been great, but we couldn’t face a third pub meal in a row.

By 9.30am we had packed up, waved goodbye to Rob and Erina (grounded while they waited for RACQ to come and fix their car), and set off for Augathella. The Bureau of Meteorology predicted ‘light winds’. 85kms would be a breeze.

And breeze it did! Right into our faces!

The road from Augathella to Charleville was quieter than the A2 highway we had been on. There were lots of big boab trees, emus, echidnas (well, one live and one dead), and all sorts of birds.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring Augathella to Charleville

As the day drew on, it was an effort to keep spirits up. Mick’s attempt consisted of comparing the day to what Burke & Wills suffered and was met with a few choice swear words from the stoker.

We did get there in the end, a whole hour before the Charleville IGA’s Sunday closing time of 4pm. This was plenty of time to buy some vegetables and other important food items (chocolate and crisps), slug down a litre of orange juice and head off for the caravan park.

Bailey Bar Caravan Park had grass, showers and a laundry, three basic but highly desirable qualities. Tomorrow we were staying here and that was that!

3 responses to “Augathella to Charleville – Days 15, 16…maybe 17

  1. Hey there Jenny and Michael, I am finally getting to comment to you on your wonderfully fascinating journey. It has been such a great read. I have printed out a map of the area where you are riding so I can see clearly where you have been and where you are yet to go. I have to say that thinking about riding in gravel and dust uphill leaves me in amazement at your capacity for hard yakka. That would not have been easy. The people you are meeting sound absolutely wonderful. That must be one of the great parts of a trip like this – all the people from all the different places. And even though I am only reading the blog and not out there with you, I am always so excited when I know you reach somewhere that you can have a shower and wash your clothes. How nice!
    It sounds as though you are having fantastic weather – albeit a little cold at times!!!
    I look forward to reading about your journey onwards to Charleville. Keep that blog coming.


  2. I miss Australia. Endless roads, plenty of dead kangaroos, 100 flies that wake up with you and want to give you a kiss, sleeping on the ground with your air mattress and mosquito net. For sure I had a good time there. I wish you all the best. Great the magpies from me.


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