Townsville – Ravenswood – Giru – Townsville – Part 2 & 3

The Bicycle Pedlar - Ravenswood camping

There was no need to leave early on Saturday, but we woke with the sun and slowly started preparing for the day with tea and coffee and breakfast. It seems granola was a popular choice, Jordan was trying out some Backcountry dehydrated granola with blueberries, and we had some homemade granola with powdered milk.

We waved as Doug and Michelle rode past at 7am, getting an early start, and finished packing up around 8am just after Dennis arrived, fresh from his night at the hotel.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - north QLD

There are a few fairly steep climbs and descents on this road, with a general downhill tendency…The Bicycle Pedlar

The road wends its way through cattle property and through creeks, which had water in them. This was the first time we had seen them this way since our first trip 4 years agoIMG_3348.jpg

When we reached the big shed on the corner of Mulgrave Road, Doug and Michelle were already there making the most of the shade while Doug tried to get his legs to stop cramping. Everyone had a remedy to offer, which is always helpful in these situations…The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

We had planned on heading to Clare and stopping in the park for lunch, but Doug had discovered another route using a dirt road that would be a bit shorter. Yesterday’s failed attempt (successful if you think about the cup of tea!) didn’t put us off and we decided to take the chance…The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

It was great to ride a less common road! We were surrounded by farmland and only had a couple of cars pass by. About halfway along this 13kmish road, the gravel switched to bitumen anyway, making the ride a bit smoother. There was some good cloud cover too, minimising the sun’s heat as we rode.

A little driveway off the road provided a quiet and grassy spot for lunch…The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

Then we set off again for the final 30kms to the Mountain View Lake Caravan Park, just past Giru (about 6kms). We had decided to stay there rather than the free camp area at Giru due to the exciting prospect of showers and easy access toilets. The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

We rolled into Mountain View Caravan Park around 3pm, on a final gravelly piece of road that did not feel that great to those of us who were starting to feel weary.


But, there were trees and wallabies, lots of grassy areas with few people…this self-proclaimed ‘eco’ caravan park hosts the Palm Creek Festival…we wondered if infrequent cleaning makes a place more ‘eco’.

Regardless, we knew our tents and bedding had only been dirtied by ourselves, and we spent the afternoon resting and chatting in the shade, cooking damper and making cups of tea in the thick fumes of a few (very necessary) mosquito coils…The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

Everyone had come well equipped with that well-known cycle touring elixir that soothes aches and pains at the end of a big day, and it wasn’t long after dark when we retreated to our clean(ish) tents for a good night’s sleep.

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

Except it wasn’t that great a sleep. Jordan proclaimed a good rest, but the rest of us spent a significant portion of the night detoxing through our pores while we waited for a cool breeze, or anything to cool us down!

The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

Michelle and Doug set off early again while the sun was still rising over the lake that had been empty for the past five years until the recent rains.

Three of us rode home along the Woodstock-Giru Road, before taking a lovely back road that Dennis had travelled along previously and shared with us on this windy morning. Majors Creek Road was a wonderful back road that saved us from a few kilometres on the Flinder’s Highway from Woodstock to Moyses Road.The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

A fantastic tailwind blew us home once we got back on the Flinder’s Highway and we reached Townsville about lunchtime, just in time for a coffee from the Bootleg Coffee Co at the Cotter’s Markets in the rain…The Bicycle Pedlar - cycle touring - North Queensland

and a shower in a clean bathroom…

It was another wonderful adventure cycle touring weekend, with lots of kilometres, dirt roads, hills, camping, wine, friends…now for the next one!

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